Women's voices have rarely been heard on this important issue. What happens if a woman does not disclose her HIV-positive status to a sexual partner? How does criminalization impact HIV-positive women in Canada, who are trying to live their lives in the shadow of stigma and fear? Does the law actually protect women's health? How do women feel about their experience with the criminal law with respect to HIV non-disclosure?

Positive Women: Exposing Injustice takes the audience into the hearts and minds of four positive women bravely speaking out on this important issue.

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Donations to the HIV Legal Network (formerly the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network) allow us to continue doing work that defends the human rights and upholds the dignity of those most vulnerable, in Canada and around the world. This documentary, Positive Women: Exposing Injustice, is but one such example of our work: a powerful advocacy tool, underscoring how the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure amounts to extreme injustice for Canadian women, HIV-positive and -negative alike. Donate today and help us change the laws that harm women and all those living with and vulnerable to HIV.

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