Women's voices have rarely been heard on this important issue. What happens if a woman does not disclose her HIV-positive status to a sexual partner? How does criminalization impact HIV-positive women in Canada, who are trying to live their lives in the shadow of stigma and fear? Does the law actually protect women's health? How do women feel about their experience with the criminal law with respect to HIV non-disclosure?

Positive Women: Exposing Injustice takes the audience into the hearts and minds of four positive women bravely speaking out on this important issue.

About the Filmmaker

Alison Duke

Alison Duke is an award-winning independent filmmaker, and formed Goldelox Productions – a boutique film, video and multi-media production company – in 2001. Alison has been producing and directing for over 10 years and serves as the creative director of the company. A renowned figure in her field, Alison brings an electric feel to her work, encompassing a variety of skills to each production including packaging and branding entertainment products. Her films have aired on a range of cable, private and public networks including: Superchannel, TVO, Sundance Channel, CBC Newsworld, Much Music, MuchMoreMusic, BET, Rogers Television, TVOne, Encore, Black Starz, Oxygen, LIFE Network and OMNI1. Alison has worked on many informative productions commissioned by various prominent organizations, as well as more creative mainstream productions.